Deliver on your promises. 

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The first move, inept; the follow through, crass; but then, something shifts. 

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Australian artists remained visible abroad.

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Something happened.

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All eyes stay on the dummy, dummy. 

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You most certainly want to be there when it happens. 

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'As long as such books are being published,' an American liberal once said to me, 'everything will be all right.'

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Reconstitution of the individual. Recategorisation of everything else. Preferably in that order.

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Coming to terms with the contingencies of the past.

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If it hits and it hurts, relax, they don’t riot in the stalls these days. 

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An attractiveness that appeals to humanity’s darker, more atavistic appetite.

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Unprecedented break from the 'arm's length' principle. 

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Other voices, other rooms, yes.

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It’s already our bread and butter business.

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Individual self-interest that would make Ayn Rand proud.

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A lesson in the unfeasibility of cartoon physics.

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Contradictory and chance encounters between human and natural imperatives.

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Both past and future are indeed another country. 

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 A bullet’s horrific exit wound and the environmental brutality of an open-cut mine.

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Unbridled right to disciplinary collaboration and unrestricted permeability.

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Expedient manoeuvring for individuals and civilisations alike.

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Increasingly precarious government funding. 

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Not simply to be pure and just in our cause.

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No top of the pops or next top model despite your Big Sur chops in Vogue Italia high gloss. 

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The brutality of fact in the desiccated carcass of a rat.

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What’s left to ‘do’?

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The latent power of the individual. 

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Fiction with documentary, remembrance with negation, responsibility with impunity, privacy with surveillance.

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A desire to break the hierarchies and social privileges of tradition.

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All of a sudden things got real.

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The truly horny were forced to rely on their imaginations.

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Trillions of exploding death stars across digital platforms is and always was a mug’s game.

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A sort of wrestling with experience rather than a standing back from it.

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A machine of theological study whose operating manual is written by a heretic.

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Faith in close inspection of the surfaces of relics to reveal connections across time.

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Who will save the past from wilful destruction?

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All men are dogs, as scorned lovers and long-suffering wives may tell you.

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Restless, ceaseless, baseless associations between spectacle and communion.

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Look, listen and learn from the region’s long history of visionary warriors. 

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The amusement park was deserted; its operators standing idle, smoking, waiting and watching.

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Lived experience trumps ideology.

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Feelings of isolation worked in your favour.

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It’s as agreeable a destiny as one might hope for lost worlds.

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I felt somewhat anaesthetised, a peculiarly modern sensation of inner peace.

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The magic is often found in the ad-lib no matter how catchy the chorus.

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Enter a world of cerulean hues, poolside sun lounges and cocktails.

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Life-affirming coda to a lapsed idea of youth.

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If one person is splendid isolation, then two is a dispute waiting to happen.

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Gelatin silver ticket stubs of permanent exiles, of the drowned and the saved.

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The risk is always spiritual imprisonment behind a wall of material phantoms.

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Cold half-remembered landscapes of industrial revolutions.

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The distance between firm ground and the void.

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A field survey of civilisation’s will for introspection.

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Making daily ethical exceptions for self-imposed ideals.

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The underlying moral structure of foundational myths

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Stoop on bended knee and really eyeball the thing.

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The subversive thrill of mark-making.

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The indignant neglect of chance that blinds otherwise hungry eyes.

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For all the transparent pretensions, wilful obfuscation and self-defeating exclusivity.

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The spectrum of collective inspiration, stocktaking and analysis required to produce an artist’s book.

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A beautiful conflation of banal and fantastic realities.

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