This is not a history lesson

This is not a history lesson incorporates images from the author's personal collection of photographs and print ephemera related to Angola and produced during the Portuguese colonial period 1961-1975. Designed by Daniel Ussia and printed by Surry Hills Print & Design. Paperback, 100 pp.  

This book was realised on the occasion of Onestar Press' BOOK MACHINE (Sydney), a temporary publishing house set up in the frame of VOLUME 2015 | Another Art Book Fair on 10 September 2015, powered by ArtspaceVOLUME 2015 presented at Artspace, Sydney, in partnership with Perimeter Books, Melbourne, and Printed Matter, Inc., New York, in collaboration with UNSW | Art & Design, and supported by the City of Sydney. 

BOOK MACHINE is an ongoing event created by Onestar Press publishers Christophe Boutin and Melanie Scarciglia. Public participants are teamed up with emerging designers and are given 3.5 hours to conceive, design and complete a book. 

© Pedro de Almeida 2015.